7 Free WordPress Theme for Developers 2019

In today’s world, every developer requires an online presence. It doesn’t matter if you are a back-end developer or front-end developer, WordPress has a variety of free themes. Using these free themes, you can create impressive portfolios, showcase or knowledgebase site.

We have listed some of the unique and fresh free WordPress themes that are suitable for a Game developer, Graphics developer, Mobile developer, Desktop developer, and Web developer. I manually test these themes and finally, I ranked them as per their benchmark scores.

So here is the list of free WordPress theme for developers 2019.

free wordpress themes for developers

1. Nebula

nebula free wordpress theme for web developer

Load Speed3.0 seconds
SEO Score3.5 points
Overall Rating4.0 star
Nebula is a professional framework for an individual software engineer or web development company. I really like the interface of Nebula with great one page home layout that changes RGB color automatically. You can use this theme to show learning resource for beginner programmers using Getting started and Documentation feature.

Addition to this, Nebula is also a great choice to show your web development portfolio with modern UI. It also has a real-time filter to look up custom PHP, JavaScript, and Sass functions. Overall, it provides Custom functionality, Admin features, and Options, Analytics and Data, Security and Optimization, Plugins bundle and Libraries, Utilities and Referencing tools.

2. Tromas

tromas best theme for developers

Load Speed2.7 seconds
SEO Score4.5 points
Overall Rating4.8 star
Developed by the Codeglim, Tromas is a traditional and professional theme that serves multipurpose ideas but in an offbeat fashion. This theme creates visual focus in visitors mind by showing an animated ripple effect on call-to-action buttons. It offers almost the several features such as the slider, information box, spoiler text, sorting, and filters while giving you the capability to add a video introduction and skill info graph.

Tromas gives you two choice to set your design pattern with the multipage one-page layout. You can choose either or according to your necessities. The theme looks modern with CSS3 and HTML5. As it has so many elements, this theme most probably suitable for Developers, Small Agencies, Studios, and Startups.

This theme has good page load speed and has excellent SEO score. It really helps your development company to lead better user experience and traffic.

3. Argent

argent free wordpress theme for developers

Load Speed2.9 seconds
SEO Score3.5 points
Overall Rating4.1 star
Here is Argent, a free WordPress theme to create a detailed explanation site and suitable for software developers. It is Creative Commons (CC) licensed theme with black and white color combination from header to footer. The theme has a one-page layout which also supports portfolio and blog posts. Due to its clean and modern design, its matched towards creative professionals like designers, artists, and photographers.

It has a straightforward design that aims to draw viewers attention to the content section. It has the freedom to add different HTML components like Codes and Preformatted with “click to copy” action. You can create multiple updates using the blog to show your progress reports. Argent is created by official WordPress developers and its one of the most popular and convincing theme right now.

4. FolioPress

foliopress free wordpress themes for developers

AuthorTheme Horse
Load Speed1.8 seconds
SEO Score2.5 points
Overall Rating3.8 star
A portfolio theme, FolioPress, creates stunning and minimal visuals to illustrate your work in a super flexible way. The theme has three boxed layers in a single column with hover effect to show title and its descriptive part. It is highly suitable for an individual developer to showcase the work and blog. This theme has 5-star ratings in WordPress themes directory.

The theme has to prebuild breadcrumb which I really liked and full-page large search option. As it is flexible enough, it can resize the layout according to the rendering device screen. Additionally, if you want further customization, you can always switch to list out instead of the grid. It is also fully compatible with bbPress, Woocommerce, Contact form 7 and WP-PageNavi plugins. So overall, its an excellent choice for developers, designers, photographers, artists, and creatives.

5. Reyl Lite

reyl lite free wordpress programmers theme

AuthorQuema Labs
Load Speed1.6 seconds
SEO Score2.5 points
Overall Rating3.9 star
One of the reasons why we need a simple blogging theme is to get the better appearance in search engines. This kind of simple choice gets us numerous and potential visitors. Reyl lite is a classic, professional and minimalistic theme with blog only design. It is a dream theme for those writers who want to develop a content-oriented blog. It has good SEO friendly score, as I have tested it, and works fine with the latest WordPress version.

On the other hand, it is customizable as you can change the logo, CSS animations, and navigation menu setting as per your preference. Since it doesn’t display feature images in the excerpt, visitors experience a faster page load. You can use the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin with this theme to insert codes among your blog posts. So overall, I would highly recommend this theme for programmers.

6. Creative Company

creative company free wordpress theme-for developers

AuthorSamurai Themes
Load Speed1.9 seconds
SEO Score2.5 points
Overall Rating4.1 star
Everybody needs a theme that has a multi-purpose design and element to serve not just one task but more related task. Keeping that in mind, I have listed the Creative Company theme which is sketched to build an impressive website for developers. So if you are a developer and just newly installed WordPress, you should install this theme, it’s totally free. This theme has many unique features, but the live particle effect in the homepage banner makes it look more of professional courtesy.

You can pretty much add full-width blockquotes layer, portfolio in a three grid style, team info cards with title and description. Also, it has the option to add branding layer so that you can show your current clients, sponsors or partners. Adding to this, I also love the integral Pricing Table to display and compare different products price list, on the go. So, this theme has almost every essential feature required by any development company.

7. VW Portfolio

vw portfolio free wordpress theme for developer

AuthorVW Themes
Load Speed7.0 seconds
SEO Score0.5 points
Overall Rating0.7 star
One of the most underrated yet stylish and attractive WordPress themes of 2019, VW Portfolio covers a whole lot of essential feature. However, first of all, it has a unique style with multiple hover effects, you can check it in the demo link. Additionally, the theme has a smooth scrolling effect which is apparently liked by many visitors. When you move your cursor post link in the homepage, the text of the post slides a little towards top-left. It does create a premium visual impact that can generate more clicks to your blog.

This theme uses Bootstrap as the framework. It uses a lot of banners, social and general icons, background images, JS and CSS due to that it loads very slow. The ample space is given to fit myriad of pictures as it is a portfolio kind of theme which is a useful optimization. The comment section of the blog is also threaded means better appearance.

This theme is entirely compatible with the latest WordPress, cross-browsers and different display sizes (full responsiveness). So, if you don’t care about page speed and SEO that much, you can grab this theme for free today.

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